sidecar in Marrakech

Marrakech Sidecar Adventure: Unveiling the City’sCharms

Experience Marrakech with a Vintage Twist

Introduction:Getready for an unforgettablejourneythrough Marrakech as you’veneverseenit before, all from the comfort of a vintage sidecar. Our unique sidecar adventureallowsyou to explore the city’s vibrant streets, historical sites, and local neighborhoodswhileriding in style. Join us for an exceptional experience thatwillrevealMarrakech’shiddengems and iconiclandmarks.


Duration:Customized to your preferences (usually 2-4 hours) Starting Point:Agreedupon meeting location in Marrakech Capacity: Solo or with a companionLanguages: Guides fluent in English, French, and ArabicComfort:Staycozy with providedblankets and helmets


  1. Medina Discovery:Navigate the enchantingalleys of the UNESCO-listed Medina, immersingyourself in daily life, traditionalcrafts, and timeless architecture.
  2. Palace Wonders:Pass by historical palaces, including the exquisite Bahia Palace and the SaadianTombs, each holding a piece of Marrakech’spast.
  3. Jemaa el-Fnaa: Experience the livelyenergy of Marrakech’s central square, Jemaa el-Fnaa. Engage with street performers, relish the aroma of streetfood, and embrace the bustling ambiance.
  4. Koutoubia Mosque: Admire the beauty of the Koutoubia Mosque, its minaret soaring over the cityscape, providing a glimpse into Marrakech’srichheritage.
  5. Tranquil Gardens:Findsolace in the Majorelle Garden, surrounded by exoticflora and distinctive blue structures, a legacy of Yves Saint Laurent.
  6. HiddenTreasures:Uncoverlesser-known spots thathold unique significance, offering insight into Marrakech’s culture and history.
  7. Capture the Moment: Pause at picturesque spots for capturingstunning photos of your adventure and the breathtaking Marrakech backdrop.
  8. Tailored Experience: Our guides are eager to customize the route based on your interests, ensuring a personalizedadventure.

Practical Information:

  • Secure your sidecar adventure by booking in advancethroughourwebsite or direct contact.
  • Dresscomfortably and consider the weather, as the ride isexposed to the elements.
  • Helmets and blanketswillbeprovided for your comfort and safety.
  • Feel free to share any specific places you’dlike to include in the tour.

Conclusion:Elevate your Marrakech experience with our sidecar adventure, a vintage twist on exploration. This journey combines the thrill of the ride with cultural immersion, delivering a memorableadventurethat captures the essence of the city. Join us for a remarkable perspective on Marrakech thatyouwon’tfindanywhereelse.